San Diego Diocese Fires Domestic Violence Victim

Domestic Violence Victim Fired From Teaching.

A teacher has an abusive ex. (Who is currently serving time btw.)

She teaches at Holy Trinity School, part of the San Diego diocese.

Her children also attend school there. Prior to ex-hubby’s current incarceration there was an incident.

So Holy Trinity School, rather than enfolding a long time teacher and her kids in the loving arms of the parish, banishes her. Not only from the school but from working in the entire diocese. Not even an office job.

The last words of her termination letter?

You guessed it! “We will continue to pray for you and your family.”

What would Jesus do indeed???? Yep the compassionate arms of the church.

All I hear in my head right now is Peter Laughton yelling, “SANCTUARY!!!, SANCTUARY!!!”

Obviously it wouldn’t be good for business. (Extra security would cut into the bottom line)

Oh and they could get away with firing her because religious schools have an exemption to fire “religious” teachers without cause. Was she a full time religious teacher? No.

Do I suspect they probably require all their teachers to teach at least one religion class as a failsafe against wrongful termination? Does the pope shit in the Vatican?

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Religion aka The Long Con

Quick background: When I was much younger I worked for a few telemarketing companies that were, let’s just say, not exactly on the up and up.

Going in, I thought they were legitimate businesses and all I had to do was make some phone calls to folks like myself and let them know about these incredible offers for a low, low price and they could get thousands of dollars of value. It just took a little faith on the part of the buyer. It was a win/win. They got theirs and for telling them, I got mine. (To put it in perspective this was decades before the phrase “win/win” was in vogue.)

I banged around a few of these companies and each time I would learn about what the buyer was really getting and it wasn’t what was advertised. I would become disillusioned and look for a new job. This repeated a few times. In one egregious case I actually contacted the state’s attorney general. (“Dropped the dime” is the colloquial term)

Eventually I landed a job with a legitimate employer but along the way I became interested in the ins and outs of scamming and con games and swore I wouldn’t get hooked in again so I set about arming myself with knowledge.

It’s where this quote comes into play.

You can short-circuit the two or three neurons that people use for common sense by appealing to their greed. Nothing defines humans better than their willingness to do irrational things for phenomenally unlikely payoffs. This is the principle behind lotteries, dating and religion.” Scott Adams (Dilbert creator)

You see it’s easy to suspend disbelief when what you want or think you need is presented to you on a seemingly gold platter. Note: the gold is usually gilt (or in Judaism or Catholicism, guilt)

At a very young age I stopped believing what I was told about “god” because it just didn’t have any logic to it at all. I was reading a piece on con games and grifter terminology and it was like a sitcom instance of glass shattering realization. The truth has been in front of you the whole time but you never realized until it comes up in conversation or is pointed out to you. (Ever notice how your significant other’s laugh, which used to be cute, became annoying when someone points out it sounds like a donkey’s bray?)

In this case it was the connection between religion and the grift.

Let’s sample some confidence game terminology and match it up to religion examples.

Start with “The Tease” promises of rewards, just a flash of things to come, nothing too detailed, just an enticement. For example I get ads in the mail all the time from local churches in the Tampa Bay area offering fellowship and “answers”. It’s never anything too specific, just enough to get your curiosity going hoping you’ll attend a service and get caught up in the web. Speaking of the web look at the home pages of various ministries look for the tease.

Then there’s the “Hook” the apparent advantage offered to the victim to take part in the scam. The greatest hook of all time is the promise of the afterlife. “If you do as we say and believe as we say and give us your money and forget about anything else that makes sense and is logical, we will provide you with the gift of the afterlife”.

They call it “faith“.

“Science adjusts its views based on what’s observed. Faith is the denial of observation, so that belief can be preserved.” Tim Minchin

What is so great about this con? You have to die to prove them wrong and how many people come back after death to demand their money back? (I’m not talking about with a medical team present on the operating table or the “in the ambulance near death experience” with the obligatory tale of the light. I mean dead. In the grave. Stone in front of the crypt…oh wait where have I heard that story before?

Which leads us to the next term, the “Cackle Bladder” defined as any death faked for the purposes of a scam. Read that again. It doesn’t mean real death. A faked death. Or in some cases more appropriately a faked resurrection. Wow, a grave “mysteriously” empty. BOOGA BOOGA!!! Zombie Jeebus walks the earth exposing himself to his crew. There’s no stopping the incredibleness of this guy. Isn’t faith awesome?

Then there is “The Big Store“, the fake shop, betting house or place similar set up by the con artist. Can you think of a store bigger than a cathedral? Those stained glass windows and vaulted ceilings are really designed to lend credence to the whole concept and to instill a sense of atmospheric awe. The most successful con artists have the biggest stores. Think Sistine ChapelCrystal Cathedral, Salt Lake Tabernacle, Masjid-al-Haram, Lakewood Church, Yoido Full Gospel Church, well, you get the picture.

The “Goon Squad“, hired muscle that’s used to enforce a scam gone sour. Think the Inquisition, Jihadists, missionaries, onward Christian soldiers, clinic bombers…

There’s the “Long Con” taking a little bit at time, not getting too greedy, in for the long haul with the big payoff (Think endowments). Most religions fall into this category. Look at Trinity Church of Manhattan. One of the oldest and richest churches in the country who recently had the scope of their wealth exposed.

Sure there is the Short Con, going for the quick hit taking as much as you can while you can. The Jim and Tammy Faye Bakers got greedy they take the money and go to jail. They forgot the first rule of tax dodgery, don’t live too ostentatiously, people will pay more attention. Get yourself a cassock or simple black suit with white shirt and black tie, looks official. Looks serious. Not like this guy

There are the “Ropers” or “Outside Men” who bring in the victims of the scam. Evangelicals and Mormon missionaries come to mind. They are taught that it is their duty to bring others in.

Pyramid and Ponzi schemes work in the same manner. Have you really looked at Scientology and the LDS? Look at their structure and how money is collected and sent up the pipeline? If those aren’t Ponzi schemes then Bill Clinton didn’t have sex with that woman…

There’s the Affinity Fraud targeting victims who share same race, religion, politics, culture…basically look at any evangelical churches. Next time you go to an Episcopalian or Presbyterian church look around you. What do you see? More appropriately who don’t you see? The flock appears homogenous.

And lastly and more importantly “True Believer Syndrome” which is the favorite of all con artists: The failure of victims to accept they have been scammed and who continue to ‘Hook’ for the con. Any wonder why the term “Fisher of Men” is used?

Ever wonder why it’s called a flock and the preacher is the shepherd?

Now, think about sheep getting fleeced.

One more, think back on those Sunday school pictures of the shepherds.


Notice the big stick they carry?

It’s called a crook.

And what does it look like? A hook.

Do you hear the stained glass shatter?

On my next post we’ll talk about the beginning of the Judeo-Christian grift and Moses and the tabernacle. Your homework is to read the Pentateuch and pay special attention to Numbers and Deuteronomy. Or as I like to call it “building the Big Store”.

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Why American Healthcare Costs Are Rising

American Taxpayers are being ripped off, robbed blind and with their approval. Both  political parties are culpable. Obama gave a real nice fat paycheck to big pharma with Obamacare. With the mandatory insurance the insurance companies also get a ton of new customers. Of course it’s explained away that it was a necessary evil to get us closer to single payer healthcare and to get more people covered who would normally be denied coverage… (There are some very good things that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act accomplished that can’t be denied however hard certain factions try.)

But then there are the Republicans who want to privatize Medicare and Medicaid. Is it because privatization will save taxpayers money? Is it because it will be more efficient?

Hell no! It’s because they can’t really make any money at it. After all, government is non-profit, unless you are a politician or you are selling to it.

Let’s take a look at what is really going on. There are a few key points to consider.

The health insurance industry does not have a patient’s best interests at heart. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a moron. It’s a business and patients affect the bottom line. Their profits are number one.

For a primary example ladies and gentlemen of the jury, let’s look at the following evidence:

Outgoing Wellpoint Inc CEO Angela Braly even though shares in Wellpoint slid, when she resigned and she over $20M with her. Nice. (For her.)

Now look at how it was reported:

An industry publication:  Outgoing WellPoint CEO made over $20M last year
A media publication: Outgoing WellPoint CEO made over $20M last year (basically same AP story)

Now Fox Business news take: WellPoint Former CEO Braly’s Pay Up 55% in 2012 And whose house is Fox?

Now after reading the previous stories do you get the motivation why they are trying so hard to privatize Medicare?
Because there is no money to be made in Medicare. Medicare and Medicaid are non-profit.
When private industry gets it’s claws into taxpayer pockets we all lose.

Now look at this response from Governor Rick Scott‘s office when I wrote them about accepting Obamacare for Medicaid.

As you read it remember that Rick Scott was an insider and has Medicare Fraud in his background. You get what you vote for.

Thank you for contacting Governor Rick Scott regarding expansion of
Florida’s Medicaid program. The Governor asked that I respond on his

On February 20, Governor Scott announced that he would support a three
year expansion of Medicaid under the President’s healthcare law. On
this same day, the state received notification from the Federal Centers
for Medicare and Medicaid services of approval of a waiver, permitting
the state to implement Statewide Medicaid Managed Care. This approval
gives the state flexibility to modify the existing Medicaid program and
to move the majority of Medicaid beneficiaries from a government-run
program into privately-run managed care plans.

Governor Scott believes that expanding access to Medicaid services for
three years is a compassionate, common sense step forward in improving
healthcare. Of course, any changes need to pass the Legislature and be
approved by the Governor before they can be implemented. Governor Scott
is confident that the Legislature will do the right thing and will find
a way to protect taxpayers and the uninsured in our state while the new
healthcare law provides 100 percent federal funding.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact Governor Scott. For more
information about the Governor’s administration and initiatives, please
visit and


Warren Davis
Office of Citizen Services
Executive Office of the Governor

They are stealing from taxpayers, openly with a nod and a wink. Maybe a nudge-nudge.

If you seriously think that private insurers will save taxpayers money read the above links again.

Any questions????????


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Happy B-Day Douglas Adams

Cover of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the G...

Cover of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

“I refuse to prove that I exist says God, for proof denies faith, and without faith, I am nothing.

Oh, says man, but the Babel Fish is a dead give away, isn’t it? It proves you exist, and so therefore you don’t. Q.E.D.

Oh, I hadn’t thought of that says God, who promptly vanishes in a puff of logic.” Douglas Adams, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

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Rand Paul All Filibluster

What is with the GOP and symbolic gestures? (I’ve got a symbolic gesture for them)

Rand Paul gets a big huzzah from the press for a pointless filibuster. The more this guy opens his mouth the more I strongly consider that he’s dopier than Rick Perry. At least Perry has an excuse, he lives in Texas.

So Paul claims that his sole aim (other than garnering press for himself) is to make sure that American terrorist suspects aren’t killed with drones on American soil by the CIA. Does anyone else see the ridiculousness of this?

Apparently Mr. Paul doesn’t give a rat’s ass if drones are used on Americans on Canadian soil? The damned unpatriotic senior citizens buying their prescription boner bills in Canada deserve a rocket up their ass right?

Does Mr Paul also forget that by law the CIA cannot operate on American soil?. (The dummy forgets the law covers US Airspace as well). So like terrorism it’s a law enforcement issue.

How come he didn’t come out and say that the use of armed drones should be illegal in the United States? He didn’t rule out the use by law enforcement. He just doesn’t want American terrorist suspects killed here by the CIA but if Sheriff Joe Arpaio wants to use them on those Mexicans sneaking across the border that would just be peachy with Rand.

Let’s just look at this for what it is. A GOP pep rally media op. It wouldn’t be complete without a pop in by the next GOP presidential candidate and right on time it’s Marco “I haven’t met a photo op I didn’t love” Rubio who makes another toe-the-line party statement.

Can the press at least point out the ridiculousness of the whole event? Does it always have to fall to bloggers?


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Shovel Ready or High Tech?

After the State of the Union Address last night, America needs to take a hard look at its job market. It needs to look at all of the hype and then look at its unemployed and unemployable. It’s a hard thing to do.

All the talk lately seems to be about making college affordable and winning high-tech jobs for America. We are seeing a huge increase in pitches for an affordable college education. (After all it is a business and they want that almighty enrollment) They are grinding out MBAs left and right because just a BBA just doesn’t cut it anymore.

But what we need in this country are the shovel ready jobs. Not everyone is college bound. When your demographic is from 16 to 24 years of age and you only have a high school diploma (at best) you are in the highest percentage of the unemployed.

When a person can barely get that high school degree or a GED is the limit of their peak performance what are they going to do? They can’t all become actors or filmmakers or reality tv contestants. America needs to keep these folks employed with something meaningful.

Once upon a time it was the factory job. Working on a line at the GM plant or working at the steel mill wasn’t a dream job. But it paid well and didn’t require a college degree. It gave people an opportunity to make a decent living, afford to feed their family and hopefully their kids would be a little brighter and maybe make their way to college. If not they followed them to work at the plant.

There were millions of secretarial jobs and positions for office workers, mail room, etc. All replaced by word processors. Heck, even the Post Office is cutting back on Saturday deliveries to make ends meet for shrinking demand. Mail carriers only seem to deliver supermarket circulars these days. Robotics and automation is replacing the factory line job.

So now what does America do for the millions of folks who simply aren’t college material? America needs the infrastructure jobs. Road building, bridge building, construction, building retro fitting for sustainable green energy, something more than asking a patron if they want fries with their order or do they want their hedges trimmed in addition to the edging of their lawn this week.

Lets see some emphasis on vocational education in America again. Let’s teach some actual skills. There’s a different kind of zombie apocalypse on the horizon for America,. but it can be curtailed.

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Should FEMA Help Churches and Synagogues Rebuild After Act of “god”?

When is an act of “god” not an act of “god”? When federal funding and churches and synagogues are involved.

Church and synagogue leaders are crying foul that FEMA won’t help them after Hurricane Sandy. FEMA rightfully says, “Hey we have a separation of church and state and we can’t give you federal dollars.”

There are several more issues here that I’d be happy to point out.

#1 If you don’t pay property taxes you shouldn’t be eligible for a return in the form of aid, state or federal. (Conservatives should be all over this. After all it’s the same logic they use for welfare and illegal immigrants> You don’t pay in > You don’t get back. How many conservatives, especially christian conservatives, will side with FEMA on this one?)

#2 Religion is exempt from filing IRS Form 990 which all other 501(c)3 charities have to file. In other words nobody looks over their shoulders as to how much money they take in and where that money goes after. (Kind of like a cartel except state sanctioned).

#3 The Catholic church who is complaining about losing hundreds of seaside churches and not getting help to get their property values back up, has no problem closing churches on very desirable property and selling them at pure profit. Yes, much church property was donated, they paid no taxes and when they sell, nothing but profit.

#4 Shut up and quit whining. You claim for millennium that there is a “god”. When bad shit happens you say it’s “gods will”. When bad shit happens to you, well the rules change. Sorry but you can’t have it both ways.

When is a business not a business? When it’s a church.

“I still say a church steeple with a lightning rod on top shows a lack of confidence.” Doug McLeod

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When is a baby a fetus?

When is a “baby” only a fetus?

Why, when it’s a Catholic hospital you silly. (were you expecting the scientific community?)

Apparently twin fetuses that die in the care of a Catholic hospital under state law are not human beings. At least according to their lawyers.

Now the story is that a pregnant woman in her 28th week was rushed to the emergency room of a catholic hospital in Colorado by her husband where she went into cardiac arrest. The emergency staff were unable to revive her and her cause of death was listed as a pulmonary embolism.

The father-to-be sued the hospital because an emergency c-section was not performed to save the fetuses and they too died.

Attorneys for the hospital asked for the case to be dismissed because the plaintiff couldn’t prove negligent care and contrary to Catholic doctrine “a fetus under state law is not a human being”.

Later when the media caught wind of it the lawyers called oopsie that while their argument while legally sound it was morally wrong.

Hmmm, don’t catholics usually explain things away by saying it was “god’s will” when something bad happens and “god” could take a hit for being a royal douche bag for allowing bad things to happen? I mean isn’t that the typical scenario. Sorry Timmy your house burned down and your entire family was burned to death but it was god’s will and they are all in heaven now in his embrace. (selfish bastard)

Seems to me, as usual, the arguments are always a matter of convenience when it comes to religion. Nope not our fault, those children lied about the molestation. Jews completely kicked out of Spain, oh that was another time, not our fault. Forced women and children into slave labor in Ireland? Nope not our fault, god’s will.

I’m sorry for the husband’s loss. Losing one’s wife and children-to-be has to be one of the hardest things to go through. (There but for the grace of my own experience.)

But I do like to point out the hypocrisy of the catholic church, especially as an ex-catholic I think I have the right.

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Come On Tebow Turn The Other Cheek

So the Jets pass over Tim Tebow. Poor little bubala. Oy gevalt!

Come on Timmy it’s not so bad, you still have a enough fame in your pocket to set up a successful lucrative ministry. After all it was the goal line wasn’t it?

You didn’t seriously consider yourself a viable NFL quarterback with that arm did you? You ran because you had to. (You aren’t Aaron Rodgers. The world knows it. You do too.)

Why else would somebody get a trademark for “Tebowing” if they weren’t going to try to make some money off of it? You know like Pope Benedict got the papal figure copyrighted?

How come you couldn’t just Tebow away the rib pain? Oh yeah right it just doesn’t work like that. (how convenient)

Dude, we get it. It’s all about the money. You’re ticked off because you need to Tebow a few more times to really get the basket moving.

Just own it. Oh right, you can’t. It blows the whole mystique thing. Superstition can’t survive with openess and knowledge.

At least I’m not a Jets fan pissed off at the time wasted this season.


Oh wait, I remember Tony Mandarich. Still better than being a Jets fan.

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The Race To Moron Supremacy

Just when you think that Rick Perry couldn’t get any dumber, he makes a comment that teachers should be armed in school. That’s just what we need are teachers with concealed carry permits. Mrs Crabtree gets her permit, six months later her husband cheats on her with a co-worker and she throws him out. Her daughter and two kids lose their home and move in with mom because the baby daddy isn’t paying child support. And one day when Mrs Crabtree is about at her wit’s end, one kid mouths off in class…

Rick did say it was about mental illness after all and not about the freedom to own a weapon.

What is telling about Rick is that he doesn’t really seem to believe what he preaches. Fellow Texas republicans are complaining about Rick Perry’s out-of-state security expenses. You know maybe Rick should protect himself and do away with his expensive security detail. I mean he is so gung-ho for guns and he stands by the idiotic notion that everyone having guns will prevent gun violence. After all Adam Lanza’s mother believed it and she was shot in the face in her own bed with her own gun. Maybe we can get Rick Perry to wear a six-shooter wherever he goes and he can dare folks to take it from his cold dead hands.

Meanwhile the Asheville NC Tea Party (speaking of morons) is raffling off a similar model weapon to that which Adam Lanza used, a DPMS Panther Oracle AR-15 with two 30 round clips and a carrying case. Another prize is a Keltec PMR-30 .22 Magnum with a 30 round clip. Ted Nugent would be proud. Although, I haven’t seen any quotes from Ted so far. Maybe he’s still pondering suicide since Obama’s re-election? Let’s just he, unlike some other idiots decides to point the gun at himself first.

Speaking of quotes, the NRA has finally risen out of the mud and made a statement. it said it hadn’t commented previously out of respect to the families. I call BULLSHIT, they were just trying to get their story straight and it took their PR folks a while to come up with the proper sentiment without making them look like completely insensitive jackassery.

Speaking of disingenuous statements, Cerberus Capital Management Group has decided to divest itself of Freedom Group, the manufacturer of the assault rifle used in Newtown on Friday. “As a firm we are investors not statements or policymakers” Yeah well besides the fact that the California Teachers pension fund was looking to divest themselves of Cerberus stock there is also the pesky little thing about a new push for banning the sale of assault weapons coming back in vogue which will take a big bite out of their bottom line.

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