The Time Is Ripe To Revoke Church Tax Exemptions

An article in the New York Times today discusses a cash strapped Michigan city mayor who sent out a letter to tax-exempt organizations asking them to kick in their fair share for city services. (After all 42% of the property in the city pays no taxes.) Guess who gets to pick up the balance?

Debt Rising, a City Seeks Donations in Michigan
The mayor of Mount Clemens sent a letter to tax-exempt groups asking them to donate to the city’s general fund.

I’ve been telling folks for a long time that the time is well past that churches, mosques, temples, etc should lose their tax exemptions. Now I’m not talking any truly charitable facilities like orphanges, nursing homes/hospitals for the indigent, etc. But I want to see the loss of exemption for houses of worship and the other tax loopholes created in the name of the imaginary “creator”.

Here in Broward County, Florida the estimated income and property exempt from taxes is roughly 9 Billion dollars. A good percentage of that is church property. There are plenty of beachfront/waterfront properties owned by various religious organizations that are not “charitable” by any means but are simply used as tax shelters.

Here is a perfect example where a Broward County Pastor holds services twice a week at a 1.9 milion dollar waterfront home and wins a tax exemption despite the objections of the county property appraiser who calls it an obvious fraud.

It is high time to end this practice. There are plenty of examples of cash strapped cities struggling to make ends meet for city services and a large contingent takes advantage of free city services and yet don’t pony up to cover the expense. What is even more ludicrous is mom and pop taxpayer are stuck with the bill yet blindly support the very folks robbing them blind with the promise of a “final reward’. Small wonder that classes in critical thinking are not taught in non-secular schools.

It’s about time somebody puts a stop to this con game.

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