Get Stuffed Today

Ahh, it’s Thanksgiving once again, time for family and friends to gather and officially kick-off the x-mas shopping season.

 No, not really we know the kick-off started this year before Halloween.

(The ads just start earlier and earlier.)

It won’t be long before we start seeing the x-mas in July sales.

(Oh wait, they already have those.) 

Who do we blame? Macy’s? I mean they started the parade for their own advertising. It’s been a tradition each year in New York to bundle up on a blustery day, get a couple of pockets full of hot chestnuts and try peering through or over a crowd at the various marchers going by, but really only being able to see the enormous balloons of cartoon characters overhead. A parade sponsored by a department store was both subtle and obvious at the same time. A parade whose last float is by tradition Santa the bearer of gifts. (Nudge-nudge wink-wink)

It’s ingrained in our psyche and for the next 30 days our bombardment by x-mas commercials will build to a crescendo and will barely subside before the next wave of post-holiday sales begins.


One almost can’t help to be sucked in.


“Get a 42″ HDTV Flat screen for half off our previously overinflated price with no money down and no payments for the near future” 

It seems almost tempting until I realize that the TV I have, while taking up a large amount of space with its picture tube and is too heavy to be lifted by a single human, still works. That is, other than the fact that when watching Sunday football on Fox, they display the downs and score somewhere off the left of my current screen because they are really pushing the widescreen TV format. 

Hey, if you want to know the how much time to the next SUV commercial  either listen to the game or get your ass down to WorstBuy and get yourself a new TV mister. 


It would be nice to simply put oneself in stasis today and return on January 2nd after the “holiday season” has come and gone. But then I’d miss the turkey.


So let’s not forget that today is Thanksgiving. It isn’t about getting your camping supplies together to be first in line for those door buster deals at ToyzWeBe.


It’s a day to gather with family and friends without having a faux religious reason to do it. Sure, some people offer a prayer at their tables but it’s really about surrounding oneself with family or loved ones (sometimes you don’t get both at once) and pigging out and watching some football. Ok yeah it’s only teams playing that you don’t give a damn about because your team is playing Sunday.

(or like the Vikings are already out of contention, Go Pack!)

But you usually doze off by halftime anyway and when you wake up it’s time for turkey sandwiches and more pie. 

My belly swells like a python after it swallows a baby pig.


I’m thankful for many things. It doesn’t mean I’m thanking an imaginary friend; it’s just that I’m grateful that two gametes coincidentally happened across each other and gave me the opportunity to experience this amusement park called Life.


I’m thankful for writers of books, for musicians who make the music that I love, for the farmers that grow and raise the food that sustains me, to the turkey covered in a Jamaican jerk glaze that I’m baking this year and the vintner who made the wine I’ll consume. (Probably too much of the vino, but hey, it’s a holiday and somebody has to do it. I might as well be the drunken uncle.) 

And yes for family and friends, that even though I don’t get to spend my day with due to time and distance constraints, I’m still thankful for. 

So without commercial interruption I just want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and please pass the Tums. (uurp)


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Irreverent atheist, skeptic, independent voter, social liberal, fiscal conservative, music lover, avid reader, engager in ruthless repartee, just an extra in somebody else's movie...
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