Conservapedia Claims Atheists Outweigh The Religious

Conservapedia really ought to be renamed Conservapediment.

On one of their pages they make the claim that atheists are more unhealthy than the religious and are more obese. They cite atheists PZ Myers, Madalyn Murray O’Hair and a few others as examples. They also claim that a Gallup poll supports it.

However the facts appear to be a bit different. The Fattest States of 2010 shows that the top ranking states in obesity quite closely match the same states that top the list in religiosity. (Utah being the exception) Top 25 Obese States; Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, West Virginia, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Arkansas, South Carolina, North Carolina, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Texas, South Dakota, Kansas, Indiana, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, North Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Alaska, Wisconsin.

Here is the Gallup Poll for Top 25 Importance of Religion by state; Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, Arkansas, Georgia, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Texas, West Virgina, Kansas, Utah, Missouri, Virginia, South Dakota, North Dakota, Indiana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Florida, Maryland, Ohio.

Gallop Poll for Conservatism by State; Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Idaho, Utah, North Dakota, South Dakota, Arkansas, Wyoming, Tennessee, South Carolina, Texas, Georgia, Montana, Nebraska, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Kansas, West Virginia, Alaska, Arizona, Iowa, Ohio,

I could continue on with rankings by education and per capita income but what we see here seems to fall to a pattern. Living in a Religous and a Conservative state could very well make you fat.


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10 Responses to Conservapedia Claims Atheists Outweigh The Religious

  1. D R Hosie says:

    NoSacredCow, I’m tickled to see you’re blogging on WP. And what an excellent blog it is!

    True to form, you have a voice that is honest and authentic, and you write with ease.

    That I would’ve never known about it but for your reply to BBF on ‘Nexus, I’m glad you let the cat out of the baggie (or at least the cow out of the barn).

    Like Arnold said: “I’ll be back!”

  2. I notice that my state, Alabama, and my neighbor Mississippi top all three of those lists. The phrase used here in the south is “Fat, dumb and happy.”

  3. You have to wonder if the whole death-cult Rapture fan club thing has a lot to do with the weight problems. After all, if “Ja-HEE-sus-uh” is going to give you a totally new body to carry you to heaven, then there’s no reason to take care of the one you’ve got today. As Hitchens says, the most dangerous message hidden in Christianity is “take no care for the morrow.”

  4. Erik Brewer says:

    Hitchens is a great example of taking care of yourself. Thanks for the tip. Also, thanks for the link to conservapedia.

    • NoSacredCow says:

      Attacking one man doesn’t make the argument true it makes it a weenie move especially when that man is suffering from cancer.
      How very christian of you. Nice, keep proving my points Eric.

      First off Hitchens has a genetic predisposition to esophageal cancer. his father had the same cancer.
      Yes he drank and smoke. It’s was his choice to do so. He is one of over 40 million American Atheists. Many of them don’t smoke or drink. Some will get cancer some will not.

      Next you might want to Google “Obese Christians” you’ll get over a million results to your search with all kinds of “pastors” looking to make money off diet plans for their flocks.

      And you are welcome for the link to Conservapedia. You’ve already demonstrated your love for fiction.

  5. Erik Brewer says:

    Talk about being a weenie, you only post one side of the argument here (so very atheistic of you).

    Hitchens is a militant atheist and he is reaping what he has sown. God is not mocked, what a man reaps he sows (sound familiar). Funny how you call it fiction when it is actually happening before our very eyes.

    My father is dying of lung cancer so I know what it means to suffer from cancer. I like they way that you call my pointing out the facts “unChristian” (how very atheistic of you).

    You are classic buddy. I pray that you will come to your senses like the prodigal son (before you end up wishing to eat out of the pig trough). That can be avoided. Just takes a little humbleness on your part.

    • NoSacredCow says:

      So what did your father sow?
      Your arguments are ridiculous. I am going to leave this last post I am replying to and as to your following two posts I’m simply going to delete them because well, you’re not just a weenie. You’re a repetitive weenie.

      Neener neener.

      • NoSacredCow says:

        Eric apparently is pinging back to this blog stating that this is how “atheists” (like it’s a pejorative) don’t allow christians to speak.

        Which is completely incorrect. (See my latest blog post.)

        This is how I personally manage stalkers and the intentionally belligerent such as Eric Brewer.

        That has nothing to do with the lack of belief in an imaginary firiend. Any intelligent individual will be able to see that.

  6. He came back and started ranting on my site about stuff you said on yours. I finally banned him after he ignored my requests for him to stop spamming my blog. I let him have his say, and he was belligerent and rude. I don’t pay good money for my blog space to just let someone rant and ignore my comments and requests. I was, in my humble opinion, very respectful on his site, and then he comes in and tries to start a fight on mine. I think he’s got a big chip on his shoulder and he’s itching for a fight. Well, I’ve got better things to do. If someone wants to calmly debate the issues, then they are welcome. He just wanted to rant and ignore any input I had.

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