A Whole Lot Of Pomp But No Circumstance.

What is up with John Boehner? (Ok, I really didn’t like Nancy Pelosi, she’s had so much Botox she always looked surprised. Couple that with her faux looks of concern she applies when she pretends to care about something, which is similar to her look of interest.)

But Boehner with his fake tan and the tears. Seriously? The guy weeps at the drop of a hat. (He’s another that, like Michele Bachmann, I can’t help wonder what was that district thinking? Is it the drinking water? Or just the Kool-Aid?)

Is the giant gavel a compensation for short comings? Is that his version of buying a Humvee?

The bullshit histrionics of the first two days of the GOP control of the house is John Boehner saying “let’s put on a play” just like in the Little Rascals. “We’re going to read the Constitution out loud so every American knows we are serious about what we said we were going to do on the campaign trail (but didn’t really mean.)”

So after a little debate they decided to read an amended version of the Constitution leaving out the bits that were repealed, like mention of slavery and prohibition. (You know, those unsavory chapters of our history.) They can’t acknowledge the past, after all righties favor revisionist history. (just read your email; this is a Xtian nation, the Supreme Court is festooned with depictions of the 10 Commandments, blah, blah, blah…)

So they all get out their little books that they carry around with them every day (if you believe that you’ll buy this watch…)  Then they queue up in line and start reading the Constitution for their little bit of camera time for the photo-op. (Hey let’s use this on my next campaign TV spot)

And then they realize that this is going to take a while so they take out their crackberries and start tweeting and texting and fidgeting about. The chamber starts to empty as it drags along.

Allen West, Florida’s Tea Party poster child, gets up and reads his little slice of the Constitution and walks out of the chamber. (Which gives Florida voters an idea of what his single term in office will be like.  Yes you read it here folks, I’m predicting a single term for Allen West and it will be available in my archive for my upcoming “I told You So” post.)

By the time the reading was concluded there were still a few in line waiting to read and get their air time and a few other stragglers in their seats but that was it. Typical. A grand gesture and then nothing.

One highlight was the birther screaming from the gallery. Seriously what is with these deluded birthers or are they Birchers? They make Mormons and Scientologists look rational.

I predict we are going to see a long line of BS (Boehner Schmuckery) coming from the house for the next two years.

After the next election they should be required to sit in their seats, with their hands neatly folded in their laps and pay freaking attention to what is being read. (And bring someone in to interpret it for Bachmann, she may be on the intelligence committee but that’s something like an oxymoron.)


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Irreverent atheist, skeptic, independent voter, social liberal, fiscal conservative, music lover, avid reader, engager in ruthless repartee, just an extra in somebody else's movie...
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