Birth of a Nation

That sucking sound you hear in Egypt is the creation of a power vacuum.

It sounds a lot like the same sound we heard in 1978 when protests erupted in Iran and the Shah fled into exile. At the time it was started by students and gave way to a Muslim theocracy.

There are a number of similarities here too. Mubarak has maintained control for 30 years, the Muslim Brotherhood has been trying to get a leg hold in the government for some time now. Students started a protest after seeing what happened in Tunisia, then additional protestors started flooding out of the mosques and into the streets swelling the numbers of protestors.

There is a strong chance that we may be witnessing the birth of another Muslim nation while everyone looks on thinking a new democracy is born.

I hope I’m wrong but with the huge numbers of poor in Egypt and the poor are easily led by theocratic ideology…

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2 Responses to Birth of a Nation

  1. It makes me wonder if Mubarak is going to need a midnight plane ride out of the country, and if we’ll be the ones in the cockpit.

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