Stand Up With Planned Parenthood

I stand with Planned Parenthood and against those who are spreading lies about them. The truth is that Planned Parenthood is the nation’s leading sexual and reproductive health care provider and advocate. They give millions of women the means to control their own reproductive health, from sex education to birth control. That is the truth and why I’m standing with Planned Parenthood today.

Join me:

Apparently the fundies are out again and trying to pull an “Acorn” on Planned Parenthood with a doctored up video. (I’m not going to link to the video giving them additional hits but here is the link explaining on the Planned Parenthood site.)

Enough is enough.

Religious fundamentalists are so hypocritical.

They campaign to have the 10 Commandments displayed on state, county and municipal properties and yet they have no problem with regularly breaking one of those self-same commandments.

Thou Shall Not Bear False Witness.”

“If you have to lie to make your point, you are automatically wrong by default.” NSC

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Irreverent atheist, skeptic, independent voter, social liberal, fiscal conservative, music lover, avid reader, engager in ruthless repartee, just an extra in somebody else's movie...
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  1. I’ll try to get this up on my blog today too. Thanks for posting.

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