Tips for Writing a Republican Congressman

Some weeks ago I responded to a call to write my congressman about an issue. I’m not sure which issue specifically, but it could well have been regarding healthcare, women’s rights or the environment or green energy or the middle class anything else the new class of Republicans seem to be against.


I forgot an important lesson. When signing online petitions or joining an action to email politicians, remember this one useful piece of advice. 

Don’t use your personal email address.

(Not if you plan to keep it anyway.)

Do yourself a favor get a free email address like Hotmail or Gmail and use that instead. My Outlook version doesn’t provide an effective spam filter for blocking addresses and Comcast, well, is Comcast.


I should have learned this lesson a couple of years ago when I wrote George Lemieux. Remember Lemieux? He’s the guy that Gov. Charlie Christ appointed as his seat warmer for Sen. Mel Martinez’ senate office when Mel felt an urgent need “to be with his family”? (Mel then took his payoff position with Chase Bank but that’s another post) 

Well, when I wrote my missive telling Lemieux to stop being a party hack and to grow a conscience or at least attend an ethics class I ended up on Lemieux’s email list.


After reading a number of his emails I couldn’t take the party line rhetoric any longer and chose to “unsubscribe” from his emails. The emails kept coming. They seemed to grow in frequency. I wrote emails and made calls to get off the email list and was ignored. They didn’t stop until the seat was turned over to Marco Rubio. Now I’m getting them from Rubio. I’ve never written Rubio. (His emails are even more vapid. Could that be possible?) 

There seems to be a pattern. I’m now receiving emails from Rep Allen West. I cannot be removed from the email list. I’ve tried unsubscribing and get notes back saying I’m not even on their email list how can we remove you if we don’t recognize you?. (Maybe Jeebus is sending it?) I’ve tried reporting a problem with their system and it goes ignored. 

They have a message damn it and they are determined to get it out.


Except there is no message. West’s blathering follows along with the same format as Lemieux’s. Stick to the party playbook except this time West’s is more along the Tea Party coloring book line. 

Every one of his emails starts with Dear Patriot. 

I am not a fan of the New England NFL franchise please stop calling me that. I am a Cheese-head. Deal with it.

As to the content? I’ll be reposting some of Rep West’s incredibly asinine emails right here on this blog so you too can shake your head with pity or scorn. It’ll be fun. Like taking a road warrior vacation just to rubber neck at fatal car wrecks.


One piece of advice to the GOP, they might want to learn a lesson from Sen Bill Nelson. He knows how to put out an email and have it focused on an issue and not sound like partisan wackadoodlery.


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Irreverent atheist, skeptic, independent voter, social liberal, fiscal conservative, music lover, avid reader, engager in ruthless repartee, just an extra in somebody else's movie...
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