Allen West’s Office Displays No Reading Comprehension

Allen West's office obviously doesn't read their mail

Congressman Allen West appears to have an additional problem on top of short-sightedness, backwards thinking and delusion.

His staff appears not to have reading comprehension as an ability.

Previously I posted about being stuck on West’s mailing list. Today I received a response to a letter sent in protest of his vote for the Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act H.R. 217 which thanked me for supporting his vote. Whhhaaaa????

So are they delusional? Is it hubris? Or can they not read?

Or was it the fact that I included in my message that Congressman West “should reconsider his stance on cutting healthcare for poor women because it was what Jesus would do.”

Or was I mistaken in thinking that he would really even care WWJD?

Congressman West only cared about getting elected and paying back those who helped him win the election this time. No matter who gets hurt. Even if it is poor women who turn to Planned Parenthood for healthcare and not abortions.

What’s next Congressman West? Locking up women for having a miscarriage?

We won’t discuss his desire to cut out “entitlements” for children of the poor.


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4 Responses to Allen West’s Office Displays No Reading Comprehension

  1. I send mail to Jo Bonner and Jeff Sessions all the time, and I get back the same type of form letter. Usually it thanks me for supporting whatever I’m opposing. It’s ridiculous. They have form letters that go out to everyone, and I seriously doubt anyone is actually reading anything that comes in to their offices.

    This is apparently the best government we can get for our money.

    • NoSacredCow says:

      I’m used to receiving form letters in response. But the difference between the Dems and GOP is that the Dems are noncommittal. They “thank-you for your input” and they “will take your views into consideration”.

      The hubris of the GOP is that they asssume you are taking their side even when when it’s at the opposite spectrum of opinion. Because no matter what their constituents think they are full steam ahead on their agenda.

  2. Maybe they just don’t get it that some people don’t agree. My rep Vern Buchanan sends me stuff all the time, but I can’t seem to respond to any of it. He clearly doesn’t even want to hear our opinions on the crap he does.

    • NoSacredCow says:

      I can understand their emails being no-reply it is actually a fairly standard business procedure for mass emails.
      The only way to get your opinion noted is to email them directly through their office site or to call the office and ask them to note your opinion or tell them that you’ll make a donation once they respond to your note.
      (Then renege just like they do on their campaign pledges)

      One thing, I think, West’s office may have read this blog or other folks have been saying the same thing since their email responses have changed quite a bit.
      He must have someone working on his image a little and toning down the rhetoric.
      Especially since elsewhere I keep refering to him as “One-Term West”.

      I really don’t see West being representative of this district. I don’t think voters did their homework or they thought Ron Klein was too negative in his campaign and turned on him.
      Now that he is voting lockstep with the far right he will indeed be only one-term.

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