Westboro Baptist Church No Show

Fred Phelps’ odd bunch of self-loathing gay hating freaks from the Westboro Baptist Church were scheduled to be in Ft Lauderdale yesterday to protest a play about Matthew Shepard at Andrews Living Arts Studio.

Westboro (in case you are unfamiliar) is infamous for protesting military funerals bearing “God Hates Fags” signs. “Rev” Phelps’ family cult is into baiting the opposition and then suing if a physical confrontation breaks out. The “church” currently has a membership of about 70. Which is probably equal to the group’s cumulative IQ.

However they were a no-show. Apparently if the opposition is overwhelming (and organized) they don’t bother.  There were about a hundred or more counter-protesters that showed up organized by a number of groups including Florida Atheists and Secular Humanists. (FLASH)

NoSacredCow was there.

The Cheese Stands Alone
Do you know what the problem is with Westboro Baptists?
They don’t hold them under water long enough.

But Liquor is Quicker


Canine Agoraphobes?

Is that what they meant in Matthew 6:6? 

No Woman No Cry

New Sitcom on the History Channel

It's in the Bible It Must Be True


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