American Atheists and Other Good News

Friday night, March 11th, I had the good fortune to attend a presentation by David Silverman, president of the American Atheists co-sponsored by Florida Atheists and Secular Humanists and the Center For Inquiry. Mr. Silverman discussed and outlined the goals of American Atheists and if you get the opportunity to partake of this presentation, do so. It was informative and enjoyable.

There were a few important take-aways from the presentation. (I consider them important because, well, they agree with some things I’ve said for a long time.)

One of the most important things is that the billboards, while controversial, are actually aimed at non-believers, contrary to the consternation of the religious. The purpose of the American Atheist billboards is to get non-believers to consider joining their fellow non-believers in solidarity (getting non-believers together is like herding cats. They are too bloody independent.) and to keep the United States secular as it was designed. (Now, there is the proper usage of intelligent design.)

When billboards say “You, know it’s a myth” it is directed at the folks that have already reached that educated conclusion. It isn’t there to convince people who fervently believe otherwise.
Some people need to believe in something greater than themselves because it is easier, or it doesn’t require a great amount of thought, or it simplifies things for them and gives them something to hope for when they feel their lives are otherwise hopeless. I give them that. They need it and I am not going to stand in their way or take that away from them. One of the common themes I’ve seen on religious and other cult websites is the common “searching” theme. They are always searching for something to give their lives substance.

But they need to understand, I don’t require an imaginary friend in my life and it makes me really ticked off when someone tries to impose it on me. This is why Christians and Muslims, and whoever else might take offense, need to understand we simply don’t buy into this con game. They just need to take it with however many grains of the salt of Lot’s wife and leave us alone. We aren’t attacking them. We are fighting back. (But I digress.)

Anyway, Mr. Silverman spoke about some things that will be upcoming and I’m looking forward to them. (No spoiler here because he kept them close to the vest.) But the hints were fun!

American Atheist Convention Des Moines, IA

The convention in Des Moines, IA April 21-24, 2011  should be a good time and they have a good line-up of speakers. (Christopher Hitchens is scheduled pending his medical condition. PZ Meyers will be there too among a host of others.)

I can’t wait to see the faces of the children of the corn when hordes of educated atheists descend upon them like the locusts of biblical lore. mwah-ha-ha

Also, don’t forget there will be a party on May 22nd after the world ends again on May 21st. These predictions keep coming and they always have some new reading of the bible to confirm it. (The Seventh Day Adventists are one group that is always good about coming up with a new EOTWP to coincide with their membership drives.) After all that’s what this latest prediction is about. Fundraising.

The Tacoma Atheists group has a great breakdown on “End of the World” (EOTW) predictions. Check it out.

For Jeebus sake just rapture already. We could use a little peace and quite around here.


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