Marco Rubio Response to Email about Planned Parenthood

I wrote Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) concerning the vote to cut off funding for Planned Parenthood. Now being the political and religious lockstepper (Catholic/Republican) that he is, I didn’t expect a sympathetic ear.

Here is his response to my email asking him to reconsider cutting off Planned Parenthood funding and the trickle down effect (republicans are so fond of Reaganisms that maybe if you throw one out there they might pay attention.) it will have on those most affected, the poor and working class without healthcare that rely on Planned Parenthood. (I also like to throw in a couple “that’s what Jesus would do” comments too. But seriously they don’t care. Their agenda is set in stone.)

Dear Friend,  Thank you for taking the time to write to me about federal funding for Planned Parenthood. I understand this is an important issue and I appreciate hearing your thoughts.

Floridians are concerned about the severity of our country’s unsustainable $14 trillion debt, and as your elected representative, I have made a commitment to reduce government spending.  With a projected deficit of $1.65 trillion for this year alone, every piece of the federal budget needs to be a part of the conversation of how to cut spending and lower the national deficit.  We must withdraw our spending commitments to Planned Parenthood, as well as other organizations, in order to develop a long-term budget solution that will seriously address the economic problems facing Florida and our nation.

 Again, thank you for contacting me about this matter.  I look forward to any views or input you wish to share in the future.

In other words thanks for writing, I understand you have a differing opinion but I am going to go ahead and vote with the party platform so what you think as a constituent has absolutely no weight in my decision.

So my questions are, how much of that cutting involves “faith-based” funding cuts?

How about cutting the billions of dollars in wasteful government military contracts for obsolete equipment or for projects that military has said it doesn’t want but got muscled through by politicians?

How about cutting off school vouchers and instead pumping that money back into our public schools, especially those of our inner cities? Why re-invent the wheel when all you need is air in the tire?

How about cutting subsidies to rich agricultural corporations and petroleum and coal industries? How about cutting tax breaks to corporations who still farm out our jobs overseas? How about cutting the tax breaks to millionaire televangelists? How about taxing churches like every other 501(c)3 charity and not giving them special exemptions? How about not treating our country as a theocracy?

My roots go back to the Mayflower and even the Puritans understood the need for a separation of church and state. (after all it was why they allegedly came here in the first place no?) Yet much of the legislation being shoved through by Republicans is “faith-based social engineering.” contrary to what a large number of the constituents want.

How about putting an equal burden on the top 400 individuals who make more money than the bottom 50% of the country?

I keep expecting Mitch McConnell to exclaim “let ’em eat cake” the next time he opens his mouth.

Eventually the Tea Party will wake up and realize they’ve been had and that they were backing the wrong horse in a fixed race. There are 300 Million Americans vs how many? At some point something has to give.

Like everything else, things will get uglier before they get better. I’m hoping it won’t get too ugly, but politicians are like alcoholics, they’ve got to hit rock bottom before they are willing to accept things aren’t working.

It’s time for them wake up and realize they are in the drunk tank and in their drunken revelry bit the jailer and the jailer is pissed.

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2 Responses to Marco Rubio Response to Email about Planned Parenthood

  1. Planned Parenthood
    With apologies to Joyce Kilmer, author of Trees

    I thought that I would never see
    A program sacred as P.P.

    A program that Barack will back
    Against the GOP attack.

    A program Biden will defend
    Against the budget cutting trend.

    A program for which Nancy fights
    Beneath the flag of women’s rights.

    A program for which Harry Reid
    Would shutter government indeed.

    When deficits begin to squeeze
    We see their true priorities.

    While other programs come and go
    This sacred cow must stay just so.

    • NoSacredCow says:

      Well until this country has a sane healthcare system Planned Parenthood is necessary. Contrary to what NRTLF puts out in its propaganda PP provides necessary services to income women and men.
      Those that can’t afford birth control are those most in need of it.

      [I’ll let you in on the secret to organized religion (especially Abrahamic). They couldn’t exist without human suffering. Their philosphy perpetuates suffering. It’s self fulfilling.]

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