History Channel Changes Name To “Speculation Station”

Ok, forgive the Onion-like title. (Some days my tenure in Madtown, WI comes back at me like a LSD flashback)

Once upon a time there was a thing on cable called the “History Channel“. It showed programs about, now get this for a novel idea, HISTORY. Yes that’s right, it was a television channel geared to history buffs and people with an interest in history and those who are just curious about the past. It featured programing about actual history and historical events and I liked it and I saw that it was good.

Alas, with the concerted dumbing down of America something began to happen. They began gearing most of their programming to World War II and people began referring to it as the Hitler Channel. Shows were geared to secrets of the nazis and nazi gear and Hitler’s mustache and Geraldo Rivera visits Hitler’s Bunker….

Then the parent company (AET) started the “Military Channel” so some of those programs began to move over there and they shortened the name down to just “History”. I guess they shortened the name to coincide with the shorter attention span of their new target demographic. (Bookstores don’t do a lot of television advertising.)

Lately I rarely ever bother switching to that channel because the programming is dominated by shows like Pawn Stars (augh), Swamp People (gaturs iz gud eatin’), American Pickers (nope it’s not about appalachian bluegrass musicians), Ax Men (not about guitars either), Ancient Aliens, Armageddon, The Bible Code: Predicting Armageddon, Monster Quest, Mystery Quest, Nostradadamus Effect, The Real Face of Jesus (LOL), Secret Access: The Vatican (I tried to watch this last night and it was more of a “see the papacy isn’t so scary” kind of puff piece) UFO Hunters (maybe they should look for Jesus?)

They still break out the occasional WWII show like Hi-Tech Hitler and Dogfights: Kamikaze that they apparently forgot to migrate. But for a while there, it seemed that every other program was a search for Jesus or Bible Mysteries explained. I was wondering who bought a stake in the company. I was thinking it was now a FOX subsidiary.

So why bother with the pretense of even calling it “History”? There never seems to be anything on the channel even remotely related to history.

Maybe they should simply rebrand it “Speculation Station”.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana


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10 Responses to History Channel Changes Name To “Speculation Station”

  1. Ever notice how much of the advertising on the Histrionics Channel is from the Mormons? They’ve been supporters of HC for years. There’s also the “Charlton Heston reads the Bible” set of DVD’s. Big seller to their audience.

    I watch Simcha Jacobovici’s shows every now and then, just to watch the real scientists roll their eyes at his wild assumptions. His favorite tactic is to end a segment on some thinly substantiated hypothesis: “So you see, it’s possible that X…”, and then come back from commercial by saying, “Now that we’ve proven X…”

    • NoSacredCow says:

      Ahhh yes the Mormons, professionals when it comes to history revisionism. (Like Joseph Smith wasn’t a known con man before he went west.)

      Yeah those Simcha Jacobovici shows are a hoot. Where “slim to none” miraculously changes into “definitely”.

  2. Paradigm says:

    I don’t think this has anything to do with Mormon influence. People in general just enjoy a good mystery more than a scientific account of things. And Hitler has more charisma than Stephen Hawking.

    And the dumbing down is driven by capitalism. People choose the easy light stuff, so their children will think “2 and 1/2 Men” is too difficult and will watch something lighter. And so on.

  3. Paradigm says:

    Yes, but in the long run it is still evolution. Capitalism is already being partially dismantled as popular support for things like vice taxes is growing.

  4. Blackplates says:

    in your zeal to take a shit on Catholicism you missed mentioning a huge part of the speculative history craze , ie., the “______ discovered America before Columbus” trade. This is HUGELY huge with pop history documentarians atm.And frankly, who cares? We know that Scandanavians established a small colony in Nova Scotia in the 1000’s BCE. We are also pretty certain that various Medieval nationalities of European fisherman and Whale hunters occasionally rowed to shore to pick up water (and apparently to abandon some cats as well becasue they were here before the Dutch…”cats discover American before Columbus?”) BUT WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Are they going to turn Los Angeles over to the govt of Taiwan? is Columbus day going to be replaced with Garfield the Cat day? Also im really sick of the “barbarians” series. Its full of inaccuracies so numerous and large they could only be called grotesque.

  5. Jack White says:

    History channel doesn’t show much history. MTV has no music. AMC rarely has movies on. I haven’t learned much on TLC lately.

    Stop getting your panties in a bunch, it’s the reality of TV in a 500 channel universe. They evolve over time.

  6. sonja says:

    I agree that things change and channels evolve but its sad that programing on the history channel is a bunch of history based reality show. I’m 28 yrs old and feel that America is way 2 dumbed down. Sometimes normal thinking people want 2 watch something besides jersey shore and pawn stars!

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