Bye-Bye Bin Laden, Now What?

So Osama bin Laden found out that there is no land of milk and honey, no 72 virgins (houri) waiting for him and more to the point that oops, sorry Osama, there is no afterlife. Oh, if only to be able to see the realization on his face at the final moment that in the end there is nothing. But such is never to be, after all, the afterlife is the greatest con game hook known to man.

Not that it really mattered to bin Laden. It really wasn’t about the religion now was it? After all the jihad is simply a tool, a device to attain power. It’s why it was invented in the first place.

So the military identified the body then carted him of for a burial at sea. I understand the need for a burial at sea. No body or no grave means there’s no place or thing to use as a means for celebrating a martyr. (Religion, especially fundamentalists propagandists are really big for taking souvenirs. For an example reference the beatification of Pope John Paul II, they have his blood from a medical test. Those crazy catholics are really big on keeping bits and pieces of their “saints”.)

Of course not having a body to display is more fodder for the conspiricists, but when have they ever needed an excuse?

Muslim “scholars” are already also weighing in saying that the burial at sea isn’t halal. A Muslim man can only be buried at sea if it is a long journey and the rotting corpse will be a health hazard to crew or passengers. The other option for acceptability is if it is known that the body of the decedant will be dug up and desecrated. (Well I know of a certain Florida evangelical preacher who is fond of burning Qur’ans that might want a shot at desecrating his grave. Dick Cheney might want to dig him up to thank him.)

So really couldn’t it be a viable excuse? Seriously, why aren’t more moderate Muslims standing up and saying, yep they did the right thing by dumping him overboard he was an embarrassment to our religion.

It could have been worse. They could have wrapped him in a pigskin body bag first before tossing him out. Still I would have liked for them to hold the body for further identification before dumping him off like the evidence in a mafia hit. A little independent corroboration would have been nice, after all they had 24 hours.

But the real question should be, how many victims of al Qaeda were ritually cleansed and buried by the terrorists themselves? My guess would be zero, nada, zilch. So what is the issue with how ObL was handled?

Now that the search is over maybe we can redirect some of those funds from the biggest and most expensive manhunt ever known towards the national debt. Now did anyone find Waldo?


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