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The following is an email that I sent today to my Senators and Representative generated from the Coffee Party USA.

(not familiar with the Coffee Party? see more below)

To: Allen West, Bill Nelson, Marco Rubio

Subject: We Want Elizabeth Warren.

Message: I want Elizabeth Warren appointed as the director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the bureau fully funded and functioning as an independent agency. Professor Warren is the consumer advocate the American people trust. She is the only person who is qualified to head the agency that she fought for and is currently structuring with great passion and skill as a special adviser.

I am aware that powerful lobbyists in Washington are opposing Elizabeth Warren and the very idea of this agency and putting pressure on you to align with them. But I believe that supporting this appointment is to act on the will of the People.

Given our nation’s recent history, the appointment of an industry insider to regulate the financial industry would be nothing less than a betrayal. During the 2008 financial crisis, virtually every elected official promised the voters that, while public money would be needed to bail out Wall Street, in the future new regulatory tools would be created to ensure that the fiscal security of the United States would not be left in the hands of unscrupulous profiteers, and that consumers would be protected from predatory and irresponsible lending practices.

That future is now. It is time for promises to be kept. At this point, Congress must choose between the handful of multi-national corporations and big banks that fund the US Chamber of Commerce and the American Bankers Association or We the People. Think of us as the US Chamber of Citizens. We don’t have hundreds of millions of dollars in our annual lobbying budget, but we have millions of votes. The appointment of Elizabeth Warren would be an opportunity for the federal government to demonstrate to the citizens of this country that there is hope that our elected representatives actually want the kind of reform that will lead to a fair and transparent financial sector. Without real reform, we all know that another financial collapse is just around the corner. So, let’s put aside the politics and fight together for economic security of all Americans for generations to come.

If Wall Street has a problem with it maybe we should return the tax on dividends to 28%. And we want our TARP funds back.

Yours Truly

The Tea Party gets all the media attention and claims to be a grass-roots movement but in actuality had some pretty big GOP backers grease the financial skids to get it rolling. Once they got what they wanted well, you know the story…

The Coffee Party USA on the other hand is a true grass-roots movement whose aim is to bring back civil discourse to American politics. (Not that in the history of our country it has every really existed but the paralyzing polarization going on needs to stop.) People need to know who is really looking out for their best interests and who is spreading manure and telling people it’s rose petals. (Every time John Boehner opens his mouth I feel the need to wipe my feet.)

 I like the goals of the Coffee Party. It isn’t about a left or right ideology. The goal is to meet in the middle. Let’s look at the big picture and do what’s best for the country as a whole and not just what 1% (the richest) or even 30% (the most vocal) of the country want.

Send your letter. http://www.coffeepartyusa.com/Warren
Friend them on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/USChamberofCitizens


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