When A Weiner Becomes A Dick

Anthony Weiner

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What is with these politicians? Do they get into politics because of their egos or do their egos inflate because of their office?

I don’t care about someone sexting. I don’t care if Anthony Weiner sent an email to someone not his wife or a sext or a tweet or whatever. (I wouldn’t care if he maxed out his Visa card calling 900 numbers.) Just like I didn’t care about the shirtless Republican Chris Lee and I didn’t care about John Edwards or John Ensign or Bill Clinton.

That’s between Weiner and his wife and the women he messaged. It’s their private business to deal with.

It’s not like we haven’t seen politicians screw around on their wives. Both Republicans and Democrats have been guilty. It’s their personal business and none of mine. It becomes our business if they are using taxpayer money or misappropriating campaign funds in order to continue their exploits or to cover them up.

What pisses me off is the hubris.

I gave Weiner the benefit of the doubt that maybe someone had used his twitter account or faked it in order to send the message. (Innocent until proven guilty right?)

When he wasn’t denying that the photo was of him it did set off my bullshit alarm. I rationalized that just maybe someone accessed a photo he had sent to his wife. (after all they’ve only been married a year so maybe the “magic” hasn’t died yet.) Or maybe he was bored one day sitting around in his underwear and decided to play with his camera phone. Whatever. Not my place to judge. So the photo could have been of him but he didn’t want to admit it publicly out of embarrassment. Always a possibility. And at least it wasn’t a Brett Favre type of camera photo. (Weiner at least kept it in the corral).

What pisses me off is that he got on every available news outlet and did interview after interview lying to the public again and again saying that someone hacked his account but he wasn’t referring it to the authorities and they were looking into it privately. It wasn’t worth wasting taxpayer money over, he claimed, taking a “high road”. But he was lying.

He, like most politicians, has an ego the size of his district. He thought he could get away with it. He thought he was too big to fail.

He, it turns out, is just another putz with a fixation on his own putz.

Now it is really time to take the high road and resign.

You don’t have to be a Weiner your whole life.


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