A Teaching Moment

Anthony Weiner resigned today after his much-ballyhooed sexting scandal.

If he only owned up to it in the first place instead of lying like a foot tapper in an airport bathroom stall, then the public might have forgiven him. Maybe. After all he didn’t have physical contact with someone other than his wife and it didn’t involve gay porn or sex so…sometimes the public can get over things. Apologize and move on.

But he chose to try to protect his ass instead of owning up. Then he went further by trying to cover up. He should have thought of covering up before he grabbed his cell phone camera.

So as far as I’m concerned he got what he deserved.

I only wish all politicians would check their egos and use this as a learning opportunity. You are a public figure working for the public trust. If you break that trust, you are out.

The voters are fed up and pretty cranky about American politics (and not just the Tea Party’s 18%). Your colleagues are cowards who are going to only protect themselves. Don’t look to them for help. They’ll try to distance themselves faster than bus riders from a non-bather. You are elected to serve. Not to help yourself. It’s only a matter of time before things really start to get ugly in this country and the bi-partisan bickering is nothing compared to what is going on overseas. Now there’s some really fed up folks.

Check yourselves. Come correct or don’t come at all.

Just an aside John Boehner agreed with Nancy Pelosi and called for Weiner’s resignation. The Tea Party didn’t put together a lynch mob to hang him. So there may be hope for America after all. 



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