Atheist Billboard Removed From Church Property

I love this story.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation paid Matrix Media Services (Clear Channel) to place a billboard with the smiling face of a local atheist that said “I Can Be Good Without God”.

First off, I want to applaud Dylan Galos for allowing his likeness to be used. African Americans already have a tough niche in American society and Mr Galos has opened himself up to additional angst as being an atheist African-American which is a tough row to hoe, especially within the black community. But that is fodder for another post.

Here is what I have questions about. Now I may be “going off the deep atheist end” here but bear with me.

So the FFRF pays for a billboard. Matrix Media Services places the ad on a location property. The owner of said property is Christ Cathedral Church.

Rev. Waymon Malone seeing this billboard is going to cut into his share of the pie, gets ticked off and calls the billboard company and demands that the billboard be removed. After all it’s like opening a Goji juice sales territory and someone takes out a big ad in the local paper saying, “Hey it’s just juice, nothing miraculous about it”.

Matrix Media does a “mea culpa” and removes said billboard. They didn’t realize it was church property. After all there isn’t a church on the property is there? There’s no home for orphans or for pregnant pro-life women…

So while the media is reporting this story and getting the christian undies in a bundle through all this gruff righteous indignation, why isn’t anyone asking a simple question?

Is the church paying taxes on this income-generating property?

After all, to my knowledge, no land owner has ever knowingly allowed a billboard company to place an ad on their property without recompense.

So I’m wondering, Reverend Waymon Malone are you paying property taxes on this land? Are you reporting the income generated from rent of this billboard to the IRS?

Have you stepped on your own crank making a big deal of this billboard by drawing attention to your tax scam?

No one is asking the important questions. But I am. Now if Rev Malone is in fact declaring this as income property and sends me a copy of said tax receipt, I will post my own mea culpa on this blog site. But from looking at his church’s website, I kinda get the feeling he isn’t. (Call it a prophecy on my part.) They have a ton of listed ministers yet only have one service a week at this church, one bible study meeting and a corporate fundraising service on Saturdays? Are all of these ministers receiving exemptions on income? I’m just saying…

Journalists (and I use the term loosely.) earn yourself a Pulitzer and do some actual investigative journalism for once in your lives. You can’t have the New York Times and Washington Post monopolize them all…

I challenge journalists (and private citizens) to identify properties across this great land of the fruited plains and purple mountains majesty, that are being declared exempt from property or income taxes by churches that aren’t using the land for worship or non-profit charitable purposes contary to the IRS statutes in place. Identify those properties that are tax scams.

You want to end the deficit? Get on these businesses. Hold them to the same standards as other 501(c)3 charities.

If we are all diligent, the scammers don’t win.

“Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s” Matthew 22:21

Poor Matthew nobody ever pays attention to his Gospel. ;p


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1 Response to Atheist Billboard Removed From Church Property

  1. NoSacredCow says:

    Just an update to this story. The church had not been paying taxes on the billboard. They have been assessed for back taxes owed.

    I love the justice!!!! and the irony…

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