Send a Note To Your State Insurance Commissioner

This isn’t a left or right issue. It’s a consumer issue. We need to start being very vocal about being ripped off by insurance companies.
I’m looking over my recent hospital bills. Fortunately my company provides me with a very good insurance policy. My bills are still coming in and the total is over $70K so far.
How much does insurance really pay? Just a fraction of that. (Under $40K was their “negotiated” payment to the billers so far)
They have an unfair advantage over consumers without insurance who cannot afford the extremely high premiums for self-coverage.
It’s no wonder that the United States leads the world in bankruptcies due to medical bills.
It’s time to make sure that they know we are no longer sitting idly by and allowing the status quo.
Please go to the Consumers Union website below and send a letter to your state insurance commissioner and let them know we are onto the scam.
Now I’ve gotta get back to writing my bills.NoSacredCow

 Consumers Union, Policy & Action from Consumer Reports
Thanks for telling your state Insurance Commissioner to stand up for consumers, and not the insurance companies!
If you know others who think this is a raw deal for consumers, please share this on Facebook or Twitter, or forward them the message below.
DeAnn Friedholm
A project of Consumers Union
506 W. 14th St., Suite A
Austin, TX 78701=====FORWARD THIS MESSAGE=====
It’s no shock that the insurance companies hate the new health reform law that requires they spend most of your premium on your health care – not on their reams of paperwork, marketing, TV ads and CEO bonuses.
But what is shocking is what’s going on behind the scenes right now that could put the money you deserve back in the insurance companies’ pockets!

In the coming days a group of state insurance
commissioners – bureaucrats most of us have never heard of – may vote to undermine the new law that holds insurance companies accountable. Make sure they know you are watching what they do!

Take action by going to Consumers Union’s website.

What’s at stake is one of the most pro-consumer rules in the new health care law. This rule requires insurance companies spend no more than 20 percent of your premium on their administrative costs and profits. This finally holds companies accountable for how they spend your money – and helps hold down spiraling rates as well.

Even better, if insurance companies don’t keep their costs down, they have to give YOU a rebate for how much they went over that 20 percent. It’s estimated consumers could get at least $2 billion in rebates next year!

Tell your state Insurance Commissioner to stand up for you, and not the insurance companies by going to Consumers Union’s website. 


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