Got the Christmas Blues?

I was watching a news show last night and the commentator was talking about his memories of Christmas from when he was a boy. He practically glowed when he shared his memories of Christmas which sounded to me like collected memories of multiple Christmases presented as one happy idyllic day.

First off, remembering things through the eyes of a child tend to simplify things greatly, it explains a lot about GOP memories of “the good old days”, when mom would stay home cleaning and cooking and dad earned enough for the family to live well albeit simply. (They don’t remember dad was working two jobs and was rarely home and mom taking in washing or cleaning other people’s homes while Mr. Happy Memory was in school.)

Then again silver spoon GOP members didn’t have that experience at all.

People tend to remember the one cherished Christmas gift and forget all the years without. In their rose-coloured memory there was no family bickering, no divorce and parents fighting over who gets who for Christmas. Having to make the rounds from relative’s home to relative’s home when all you want to do is stay home and read the book that was under the tree that year. Drunken squabbles among relatives over picayune subject matter. Forced smiles in family photos.

If things were only as simple as the Bumpases’ dogs getting hold of the Christmas turkey.

Across the country there are folks doing without. Our poverty rate is at 15.1%. That’s the combined population of California and Colorado.

Folks fortunate to still have a TV are watching ads for all the wonderful things that Target can help them buy, but worrying about making rent in the smaller apartment they are living in because they lost their house in foreclosure when they lost their job.

Parents having credit card Christmases because they want to have the special holiday they dreamed of having when they were a child. Just wanting to forge that one special memory to look back on as if it were all of the Christmases experienced by a broadcaster.

Of course there are the divorced parents having to do without their kids for the first time. The father or mother missing their kids while they serve our country overseas. (Or the children missing their parents in the reverse situation.) The parent who had to take a job in another state and is sending money back home because they couldn’t afford to move the whole family who are scattered among relatives homes.

How happy is a Christmas for a street person? A war refugee? A flood, tornado or hurricane victim?

Reality is a real Mutha ain’t she?

There were plenty of songs written by and about people who don’t experience the Fox News version of Christmas.

So I’ll share with you the following mix I did as a Christmas card in 2007. (be sure to pay careful attention to the sample of Rev. A.W. Nix’s “How Will You Spend Christmas” sermon from 1930. It’s still very relevant to today.

Got the Christmas Blues?

Tomorrow for Xmas day we’ll lighten things up with a somewhat humorous take on the Christmas song mix.

Remember there are plenty of charities out there that help to make people’s lives a bit better without forcing them to listen to sermonizing in exchange. (You know who I’m talking about.)


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