Oh No Another Holiday Mix!

In continuing with the holiday mix trilogy for the discerning Christmas music connoisseur, I offer the following. I included this on my 2007 Christmas cards so there was Friday’s Jazz, yesterday’s blues and then this one to lighten things back up again.

Oh No Another Holiday Mix!

Just a reminder to call or write your congress/senate members and ask them to make religious charities transparent just like the rest of the 501(c)3 charities that are required to file the form 990…

If they have nothing to hide then there shouldn’t be objection.

If they do object then it’s pretty safe to say, they won’t bear the scrutiny.

Have a Merry ya’ll.

About NoSacredCow

Irreverent atheist, skeptic, independent voter, social liberal, fiscal conservative, music lover, avid reader, engager in ruthless repartee, just an extra in somebody else's movie...
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