Belief in God: UChicago Report Measures Countries With The Greatest Changes in Belief Over Time

The article also doesn’t mention the big spike in American Evangelism in those former Soviet Countries. (Those commie atheists are out so the crop is ripe for pickin’ they descended on those countries like locusts.)

Human’s can be conned into believing just about anything, there are plenty of examples; Sarah Palin, Trickle Down Economics, Flat Tax, 401Ks, Penny Stocks; leftover tar to pave your driveway or fix your roof for next to nothing, bridges to nowhere, drug testing for the poor…all based on greed.

Why do you think Florida is called “god’s waiting room”? Because people nearing the end of their days suddenly grasp at straws. It’s also why con artists thrive in Florida. Essentially it’s greed. People want more. Need more life? How about an afterlife? Well that’s a lot more isn’t it? Yes I’ll take it!!! Only cost me 10 percent? What a freaking deal! Sure I’ll sign over everthing when I’m gone I don’t need the money where I’m going? My family? I’ll see them there.

“You can short-circuit the two or three neurons that people use for common sense by appealing to their greed. Nothing defines humans better than their willingness to do irrational things for phenomenally unlikely payoffs. This is the principle behind lotteries, dating and religion.” Scott Adams
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