Florida Amendments Target Specific Voting Audience

The following link is presented by the League of Women Voters.

 2012 Florida Election & Voter Guide

Read through it carefully. It presents a nonpartisan reading of the amendments coming up on the Florida state ballot this fall.

In other words, no opinions to help you make a decision and the wording of some of the amendments are designed to appeal to a certain mindset so at first glance you might say, “well that’s pretty gooood….”

But my unadulterated synopsis is that certain people are trying to buy the votes of certain other people who already agree with the aforementioned people and will eventually realize that they no longer have services available to them because the state no longer has the money to afford them.

n’ est-ce pas?

For example:

  • Amendment 1 is designed to appeal to anyone who already hates Obama. It doesn’t really do a damn thing other than to make an anti-Obamacare statement.
  • Amendment 2 is designed to buy the votes of veterans who are listed as disabled and moved to Florida when they retired. (it will remove $15 million from the state budget in the first three years just to buy a few votes this year.)
  • Amendment 3 is designed to buy the vote of the Tea Party who are the very first people to get in line for state handouts “because we already paid into them” and the first to bitch when they can’t get a stop sign in front of their retirement home or get the sinkhole filled in their parking spot.
  • Amendment 4 is designed to buy the vote of the developers and vacation property owners but will affect Florida residents who live here year round by removing approximately $1 billion dollars in revenues over three years. So now you get a break on your commercial income property but it’s a wash because the police cut their budget and can’t protect it. Oops shortsighted again…
  • Amendment 5 is designed to, oh for crying out loud, we already know how corrupt Florida politics are and the GOP has owned Florida for how long now? They just want to make sure they continue to own it lock, stock and judiciary.
  • Amendment 6 is redundant. Federal law already says you can’t use government funding for abortions. It’s just on the ballot to make sure that a “certain crowd” shows up at the polls. You know the people who say “the government can’t interfere with my life, but I can damn well sure tell someone else how to live theirs so help me jeebus…”
  • Amendment 7 (so stupid it was already removed)
  • Amendment 8 an obvious successor to Amendment 7 in the stupidity department. Yo christians while you want to make sure that Holy Day Bible school can get funding from government coffers it will also guarantee that Mohammed’s Madrassa also gets government funding. I’ll wait while your head explodes thinking about that one.
  • Amendment 9 guarantees that the spouses of first responders who die in the line of duty will have one more reason to not remarry. If you want to make a real statement, pay for the college education of the children, instead you give the sleaze bag who moves in and mooches off the settlement money an additional excuse to not marry them.
  • Amendment 10 doubles the tangible property tax exemption. It will suck an estimated $61 million dollars from the state coffers in the first three years with no tangible growth in small business.
  • Amendment 11 is an obvious ploy to buy the votes of longstanding seniors. (Typically conservative) Will cost the state 16 million in the first two years.
  • Amendment 12 is supported by FSU alumni who don’t think that FSU should pay fees to the Florida Student Association. (need I say more?)

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