Marco Rubio That Smarmy So and So

English: Official portrait of US Senator Marco...

English: Official portrait of US Senator Marco Rubio of Florida. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the past Senator Marco Rubio has been very non-committal (other than toeing the party line). You couldn’t get him to take a stand on anything. His responses to correspondence were very bland. The form letters were simply “thank you for writing and I welcome your letters.”

Personally, I’ve never trusted Marco Rubio. I’ve seen him in person and watched him in the media and he’s always struck me as disingenuous, smarmy and a bit slimy. (Again that is my opinion but if I must say, my first impression of people tends to a pinpoint accuracy.)

Today I received a response to an email sent to Senator Rubio’s office. I wrote because American service women do not receive the same healthcare benefits as the average American working woman. As many as 19,000 service women are sexually assaulted each year. Yet, they are not eligible for abortion services nor are provided access to the morning after pill.

In response this is the message received from the office of Senator Rubio,

Thank you for taking the time to contact me about this issue.  I’m grateful for your thoughts and welcome the opportunity to respond.  As your Senator, I am committed to hearing Floridians’ views, and I understand that abortion is an important issue.   As you may know, I believe all of our rights are derived from the self-evident, fundamental right to life, which promotes equal rights and equal protection for the unborn.  In the United States Senate, I will continue to work toward establishing a culture of life and will work to uphold pro-life policies.  I also pledge to support well-qualified judicial nominees who will interpret laws as written, instead of establishing new policy from the bench as the Supreme Court did in Roe v. Wade.   In my commitment to these principles, I have officially co-sponsored the Protect Life Act (S. 877) and the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act (S. 906) to codify longstanding policy preventing taxpayer funding of abortion and applying it to the health care reform bill. 

In the future, I will continue to stand up for Floridians and Americans, particularly those most vulnerable among us.  Thank you again for writing to me with your concerns, I look forward to hearing any concerns or input you wish to share in the future.


Marco Rubio United States Senator

So in other words screw your opinion, and he’ll sponsor bills that do nothing since federal laws already state that federal funding will not go to abortion. (Note, he only cosponsors the bills of others. He has no original thoughts of his own.) He follows the party line at 99%. Can we really take four more years of this guy? The guy is a party hack and frankly it’s a dying party.

Floridians deserve better. Especially in light of the last election results. Marco Rubio it’s time to go-go.


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