Marco Rubio once a partisan hack…

Can you tell how much I love Senator Marco Rubio’s form letter responses when he’s contacted by a letter writing campaign? He sticks to the party line no matter what, which in light of the last election will not, hopefully, get him re-elected.

Note: it usually takes a couple of weeks for his office to respond to letters. I guess it takes a while to read the Karl Rove playbook when you have to decipher all the Grover Norquist crayon edits.

Dear Mr. NoSacredCow,

 Thank you for contacting me with regard to the housing market. This is an important issue for Floridians and I appreciate the opportunity to discuss it with you. 

As you know, misguided government policy fueled excesses in the housing and real estate markets throughout the 2000s, leading to a peak in the market in 2006 and a subsequent crash. The losses to American homeowners were enormous. Families across the country lost more than thirty percent of their home’s value, in many cases leaving them underwater on their mortgages, and many have still not recovered to this day. Nationally, the housing market is beginning to recover, albeit slowly. 

Though the worst may be passed, homeowners continue to struggle. Policymakers must learn the correct lessons from the recent crisis and not repeat mistakes. Past promises of assistance have only resulted in financial ruin for millions of Americans. 

Federal legislation passed during the downturn served only to make matters worse for Floridians by prolonging the negative impacts of government favoritism. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, passed under a Democrat-led House and Senate and signed by the President in 2010, imposes stringent regulations on small and community banks, the most important lenders in a housing market recovery. One community bank president described the Dodd-Frank regulations as, “Costly, both in time and personnel to implement,” and, “confusing to our [customers].” By placing burdens on the lenders and creditors most vital to recovery, this law will continue to hurt homeowners and families in Florida. 

Additionally, the Federal Housing Authority (FHA)and the government sponsored enterprises (GSEs) known as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have served as short-term band-aidsfor the housing market and further distort the true value of Americans’ homes. The FHA recently said it may need a federal bailout of as much as $93 billion. With more than 90 percent of all mortgage originations backed by the government, a larger government role in the market and more bailouts are exactly the wrong solutions for taxpayers. 

Floridians know that if the government created a mess of the housing market, itcannot be trusted aloneto be the solution. We cannot ask our children and grandchildren to finance Washington’s risky lending and irresponsible government policiesby accumulating more debt. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac must be wound down and reformed, allowing a fair market for housing to return in the private sector. The federal government must learn the lessons of the Great Recession and allow lenders and borrowers to make informed decisions without excessive government meddling. 

A healthy housing market is a goal shared by all Floridians. Restoring choice and an open marketplace in housing will revive economic growth for all Americans. I will keep your suggestions and thoughts in mind when considering issues that will impact the housing market in Florida and the nation as a whole. It is an honor and apleasure to serve the people of Florida. 

Marco Rubio United States Senator

Aah yes it was misguided big government not greedy capitalists who took advantage of laws designed to get people out of paying money to slumlords and paying themselves into home ownership instead.

The same big government that bailed out AIG and made taxpayers a profit. The same big government that bailed out the auto industry and saved hundreds of thousands of jobs AND MADE A PROFIT.

Gee, if only GOP favored firms could only learn the lesson that you can do the right thing AND make money off it. Nope the Ayn Rand self-entitled greed factor always kicks into overdrive and becomes greenback blind.

Well at least when Marco is a smarmy schmuck, he’s a consistently swarmy schmuck.

Remember his stances Floridians when you go to the polls in 2016.

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