My Letter to President Obama

Today President Obama offered a statement regarding the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut.

I felt compelled to write him a letter today on the White House website.

Regarding today’s shooting in Connecticut. President Obama, I understand the need to issue a statement but prayers are hollow. Two hands working will do more than thousands clasped in prayer. Prayers do nothing to alleviate the issue at hand. Are we finally going to have an open discussion about the proliferation of guns in this country and the machinations of the NRA to do the bidding of a weapons industry?

I am writing this under the subject of civil rights because I believe it is my right as an American citizen as it was the rights of those little children who died today to a life of liberty and pursuit of happiness as proclaimed in our declaration of Independence. While that declaration was not canonical law. It was however, the statement to the world what this great nation was to be about.

I am heartsick at what is happening and that the pockets of the few cause the suffering of many.

Please, I beg of you, open up the discussion that Bob Costas made his plea for just a short while ago and many of us have cried out for over the decades.

This has to stop.

I am not starting a petition but I am asking that anyone who happens to run across my little space on the web to seriously think about where we are and what the ready availability of weapons has done to this country.

Today my co-workers were discussing beefing up security at their children’s schools. Our schools already are looking like medium security prisons instead of places of learning. Security is not the issue. Weapons designed to kill are. The easy availability of these guns have led to all of the mass shootings in this country. For every gun-toting geriatric  stopping robbers video, there are thousands of incidents ending in grief for the families of innocents.

Stop this nonsense. In Florida they are at the one millionth mark of concealed carry permits. How many of those weapons holders (no rigorous requirement by the way) will end up walking into a shopping mall, a school or old age home and open fire?

The constitution of these United States makes no assurances to idiots, guaranteeing the accessibility of weapons.


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Irreverent atheist, skeptic, independent voter, social liberal, fiscal conservative, music lover, avid reader, engager in ruthless repartee, just an extra in somebody else's movie...
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