The Race To Moron Supremacy

Just when you think that Rick Perry couldn’t get any dumber, he makes a comment that teachers should be armed in school. That’s just what we need are teachers with concealed carry permits. Mrs Crabtree gets her permit, six months later her husband cheats on her with a co-worker and she throws him out. Her daughter and two kids lose their home and move in with mom because the baby daddy isn’t paying child support. And one day when Mrs Crabtree is about at her wit’s end, one kid mouths off in class…

Rick did say it was about mental illness after all and not about the freedom to own a weapon.

What is telling about Rick is that he doesn’t really seem to believe what he preaches. Fellow Texas republicans are complaining about Rick Perry’s out-of-state security expenses. You know maybe Rick should protect himself and do away with his expensive security detail. I mean he is so gung-ho for guns and he stands by the idiotic notion that everyone having guns will prevent gun violence. After all Adam Lanza’s mother believed it and she was shot in the face in her own bed with her own gun. Maybe we can get Rick Perry to wear a six-shooter wherever he goes and he can dare folks to take it from his cold dead hands.

Meanwhile the Asheville NC Tea Party (speaking of morons) is raffling off a similar model weapon to that which Adam Lanza used, a DPMS Panther Oracle AR-15 with two 30 round clips and a carrying case. Another prize is a Keltec PMR-30 .22 Magnum with a 30 round clip. Ted Nugent would be proud. Although, I haven’t seen any quotes from Ted so far. Maybe he’s still pondering suicide since Obama’s re-election? Let’s just he, unlike some other idiots decides to point the gun at himself first.

Speaking of quotes, the NRA has finally risen out of the mud and made a statement. it said it hadn’t commented previously out of respect to the families. I call BULLSHIT, they were just trying to get their story straight and it took their PR folks a while to come up with the proper sentiment without making them look like completely insensitive jackassery.

Speaking of disingenuous statements, Cerberus Capital Management Group has decided to divest itself of Freedom Group, the manufacturer of the assault rifle used in Newtown on Friday. “As a firm we are investors not statements or policymakers” Yeah well besides the fact that the California Teachers pension fund was looking to divest themselves of Cerberus stock there is also the pesky little thing about a new push for banning the sale of assault weapons coming back in vogue which will take a big bite out of their bottom line.

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