When is a baby a fetus?

When is a “baby” only a fetus?

Why, when it’s a Catholic hospital you silly. (were you expecting the scientific community?)

Apparently twin fetuses that die in the care of a Catholic hospital under state law are not human beings. At least according to their lawyers.

Now the story is that a pregnant woman in her 28th week was rushed to the emergency room of a catholic hospital in Colorado by her husband where she went into cardiac arrest. The emergency staff were unable to revive her and her cause of death was listed as a pulmonary embolism.

The father-to-be sued the hospital because an emergency c-section was not performed to save the fetuses and they too died.

Attorneys for the hospital asked for the case to be dismissed because the plaintiff couldn’t prove negligent care and contrary to Catholic doctrine “a fetus under state law is not a human being”.

Later when the media caught wind of it the lawyers called oopsie that while their argument while legally sound it was morally wrong.

Hmmm, don’t catholics usually explain things away by saying it was “god’s will” when something bad happens and “god” could take a hit for being a royal douche bag for allowing bad things to happen? I mean isn’t that the typical scenario. Sorry Timmy your house burned down and your entire family was burned to death but it was god’s will and they are all in heaven now in his embrace. (selfish bastard)

Seems to me, as usual, the arguments are always a matter of convenience when it comes to religion. Nope not our fault, those children lied about the molestation. Jews completely kicked out of Spain, oh that was another time, not our fault. Forced women and children into slave labor in Ireland? Nope not our fault, god’s will.

I’m sorry for the husband’s loss. Losing one’s wife and children-to-be has to be one of the hardest things to go through. (There but for the grace of my own experience.)

But I do like to point out the hypocrisy of the catholic church, especially as an ex-catholic I think I have the right.

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