Should FEMA Help Churches and Synagogues Rebuild After Act of “god”?

When is an act of “god” not an act of “god”? When federal funding and churches and synagogues are involved.

Church and synagogue leaders are crying foul that FEMA won’t help them after Hurricane Sandy. FEMA rightfully says, “Hey we have a separation of church and state and we can’t give you federal dollars.”

There are several more issues here that I’d be happy to point out.

#1 If you don’t pay property taxes you shouldn’t be eligible for a return in the form of aid, state or federal. (Conservatives should be all over this. After all it’s the same logic they use for welfare and illegal immigrants> You don’t pay in > You don’t get back. How many conservatives, especially christian conservatives, will side with FEMA on this one?)

#2 Religion is exempt from filing IRS Form 990 which all other 501(c)3 charities have to file. In other words nobody looks over their shoulders as to how much money they take in and where that money goes after. (Kind of like a cartel except state sanctioned).

#3 The Catholic church who is complaining about losing hundreds of seaside churches and not getting help to get their property values back up, has no problem closing churches on very desirable property and selling them at pure profit. Yes, much church property was donated, they paid no taxes and when they sell, nothing but profit.

#4 Shut up and quit whining. You claim for millennium that there is a “god”. When bad shit happens you say it’s “gods will”. When bad shit happens to you, well the rules change. Sorry but you can’t have it both ways.

When is a business not a business? When it’s a church.

“I still say a church steeple with a lightning rod on top shows a lack of confidence.” Doug McLeod

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