Rand Paul All Filibluster

What is with the GOP and symbolic gestures? (I’ve got a symbolic gesture for them)

Rand Paul gets a big huzzah from the press for a pointless filibuster. The more this guy opens his mouth the more I strongly consider that he’s dopier than Rick Perry. At least Perry has an excuse, he lives in Texas.

So Paul claims that his sole aim (other than garnering press for himself) is to make sure that American terrorist suspects aren’t killed with drones on American soil by the CIA. Does anyone else see the ridiculousness of this?

Apparently Mr. Paul doesn’t give a rat’s ass if drones are used on Americans on Canadian soil? The damned unpatriotic senior citizens buying their prescription boner bills in Canada deserve a rocket up their ass right?

Does Mr Paul also forget that by law the CIA cannot operate on American soil?. (The dummy forgets the law covers US Airspace as well). So like terrorism it’s a law enforcement issue.

How come he didn’t come out and say that the use of armed drones should be illegal in the United States? He didn’t rule out the use by law enforcement. He just doesn’t want American terrorist suspects killed here by the CIA but if Sheriff Joe Arpaio wants to use them on those Mexicans sneaking across the border that would just be peachy with Rand.

Let’s just look at this for what it is. A GOP pep rally media op. It wouldn’t be complete without a pop in by the next GOP presidential candidate and right on time it’s Marco “I haven’t met a photo op I didn’t love” Rubio who makes another toe-the-line party statement.

Can the press at least point out the ridiculousness of the whole event? Does it always have to fall to bloggers?


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