San Diego Diocese Fires Domestic Violence Victim

Domestic Violence Victim Fired From Teaching.

A teacher has an abusive ex. (Who is currently serving time btw.)

She teaches at Holy Trinity School, part of the San Diego diocese.

Her children also attend school there. Prior to ex-hubby’s current incarceration there was an incident.

So Holy Trinity School, rather than enfolding a long time teacher and her kids in the loving arms of the parish, banishes her. Not only from the school but from working in the entire diocese. Not even an office job.

The last words of her termination letter?

You guessed it! “We will continue to pray for you and your family.”

What would Jesus do indeed???? Yep the compassionate arms of the church.

All I hear in my head right now is Peter Laughton yelling, “SANCTUARY!!!, SANCTUARY!!!”

Obviously it wouldn’t be good for business. (Extra security would cut into the bottom line)

Oh and they could get away with firing her because religious schools have an exemption to fire “religious” teachers without cause. Was she a full time religious teacher? No.

Do I suspect they probably require all their teachers to teach at least one religion class as a failsafe against wrongful termination? Does the pope shit in the Vatican?

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