I’ve been using NoSacredCow for years as my online alter-ego. You may even have run into me on various news sites and other blog pages. Unfortunately, WordPress already had the name in their “used but forgotten file” so I had to alter mine by using a zero in cow.

At any rate, I’m an open atheist, independant/no party affiliation on the side of the constitution voter. I side with the democrats more than the republicans mainly because the GOP has gotten so batshit crazy over the last few decades (Bachmann and Palin  Boehner anyone?) That and they are blatantly owned by corporate interests. (At least the democrats try to hide some of it although some like Rangel aren’t very good at it.)

Mom is a liberal and dad is ultraconservative (they divorced when I was three) and growing up I learned to pick out the good sense from both and see the rest for what it is. Call me a social liberal and fiscal conservative if you will. (You can’t tell people to pick themselves up by their own bootstraps if they don’t even own any flip flops.) Education, not throwing money at problems, is the key to solving many of society’s ills. Keeping people intentionally ignorant just prolongs the status quo.

My line of t-shirts (and a hat) is called NoSacredCow (Irreverent clothing for irreverent people.) I designed them to wear personally and then decided to post them for kicks. Sundays are the perfect days for wearing them. (Just a tip)

My “altar” ego is djFLWB (Funky Lil’ White Boy) Music is the closest thing to a religious experience for me. I’ve posted a few quick mixes and when I have time I’ll make a few more web friendly.

Peace for now and a piece for later.


4 Responses to About

  1. The former moderator formerly known as Grundgetta says:

    How’ve you been? Long time, no interact.

  2. Jean Marie says:

    Neat shirts!! i will have to order one!!

    So nice you have a blog now, i *think* i have subscribed, (not sure…)

  3. I too am a “social liberal and fiscal conservative”..happy I stumbled upon your blog

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