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Why American Healthcare Costs Are Rising

American Taxpayers are being ripped off, robbed blind and with their approval. Both ¬†political parties are¬†culpable. Obama gave a real nice fat paycheck to big pharma with Obamacare. With the mandatory insurance the insurance companies also get a ton of … Continue reading

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I just moved

I recently completed a move from Ft Lauderdale to Tampa. This area is far more religious. At least there seems to be more religious radio and television programming here. But you have to go where the employment takes you. I’m … Continue reading

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FLA Governor Rick Scott Signs Welfare Drug Testing Requirement

There is something inherently wrong with Florida governor Rick Scott. Everything he touches seems to turn to doo-doo. (I’m trying to be polite here) The “mine, mine, mine, me, me, me” foolks* are all praise be and glory hallelujahs over … Continue reading

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